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Dribbling Brain graphic logo Welcome to my little corner of the web. This is my first serious attempt at creating a web site, but it seems to be improving the more I practice with it. I don't know what I can write that the entire world might be interested in, so I will stick with the subjects that interest me.

Forgive me if I can't update this site very often, but this is just one of my hobbies, not my bread and butter.

The Long-Delayed Update

When I created this website, it was just to prove to myself that I could do it using only Notepad and my knowledge of HTML. Also, back in 2005 it seemed like everybody was creating a web page, so it seemed like a good idea at the time. Once I had a functioning web presence, I decided that updating it on a regular schedule would be a good idea.

Yeah... that never happened.

After 13 years I have finally gotten around to updating my webpage. I added a dribbling about Mass Shootings in America. In order to save time, I am no longer using Notepad as my exclusive HTML creation program. I have decided to use Notepad++ instead. The advantages are:

  1. It is a free download with no limits on usability after a time. (i.e. Not just an introductory period.)
  2. It displays HTML code with color coding and spell checking.
  3. It handles CSS files and I want to use them.

Don't get me wrong - I still want to know every piece of HTML in my website. Notepad++ just helps my tie all the loose ends together. Besides, I want to learn and take advantage of the new features available in HTML 5. Perhaps more additions will happen? Maybe?

(January 15, 2018)

Finally Added

It was always my intention to put an interactive panorama and object movie on their respective pages, but I never got around to finishing it until now. A big Thank You to Duckware for writing and making available such good (and inexpensive) software for these purposes.

Additionally, an example of vintage panoramic tom-foolery has been added, courtesy of the Sellersville Museum.

(August 16, 2005)

New Additions

For a good portion of the last month, I have been creating new content. Here is what I have finished so far:

  • A graphical logo and dribbling brain image.
  • The 3D page now has an anaglyph example.
  • The Editing page has been expanded to include more examples.
  • A brand new section has been added. It is all about my hometown of Quakertown, PA. The first exhibit in this section is a walking tour of some historic locations around town brought to life with pictures. (Opens up in a new window and uses frames.) More to come later. (I need more information for the Calendar of events.)
(July 23, 2005)


Another one of my hobbies. I hope to expand this section with links, useful information, and some examples.

(June 27, 2005)

My Impending 20 Year Class Reunion

Someone from High School e-mailed me, and I got to thinking about all that has happened since then.

(May 21, 2005)

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