Brain Dribblings


Friday, May 20, 2005

I have often said (and friends and family members can back me up on this) that I will not get a web site unless I have something I feel I need to say to the entire planet. Over the years, that sentiment has not changed substantially. Having said that, you dear reader, may be wondering just why you are able to read these words now. Good question. Let me explain.

Although I still feel there is nothing so pressing in my life that the anonymous masses need to know about it (or care about it for that matter), I did feel that it was high time that I gained some experience with web posting. I have been writing HTML pages for years. Sometimes this is just a better way of organizing my thoughts, sometimes I need to write Help files for a program I am creating at work. Either way, writing HTML is becoming second-nature to me.

In looking back over things that I wrote years ago (and subsequently forgot about), I began to realize that while speaking with me face to face might give one the impression that I am an uninteresting lump with an IQ that is just this side of Forrest Gump, when I write my thoughts down I tend to be much more eloquent. (i.e.: Not a lot of stammering.) So I decided to take the plunge and publish a web page.

Besides, I know I can do better than some of the stinkeroos out there. Seriously though, I have seen the personal web pages of some people, and they are BORING AS HELL. I don't care what your cat looks like, or how your kids are doing in school. And for God's sake - learn to spell, people! Reviewing your Kid's Elementary School Grammar book wouldn't hurt, either. And would it kill you to learn the difference between TO and TOO, THERE and THEIR, EFFECT and AFFECT?

But I digress...

I admit, there is a good chance that nothing of interest will ever be published here, but after all, I am not doing this for your amusement, I am doing this for my own education and experience. If you happen to get some enjoyment out of it, so much the better. Perhaps if I keep this page up long enough, I may decide it is worthwhile to populate it with something interesting, amusing or novel.

Just don't expect me to keep it updated every day like clockwork. I sit in front of a computer screen all day for a living, and the last thing I feel like doing at the end of the day is turn on my home system and type some more. (Heck, I barely check my email more than once a week as it is now.) But alterations to this web page are inevitable. I will be testing out several different looks for the page, before I find something that I like. Well... OK... maybe you will see daily changes for a little while...

I will add contact info later. (When I am ready for feedback.)

This page created with Microsoft Notepad on principle.