The Class of 1985 20-Year Reunion

Yes, it has been a longer time than it seems. More than half our lives, so far. Where did two decades disappear to? They were right in front of us just a minute ago. Just yesterday our parents laughed at us because we thought that Cherry Coke was a new product, and Michael Jackson was known for being a performer - and nothing else. The word "Microwaveable" was not yet in the Oxford English Dictionary, and we couldn't imagine how they were going to get Han Solo out of that Carbonite.

Our Parent's generation were known as "Baby Boomers". They felt the need to put a label on their offspring as well, but couldn't come up with anything descriptive, so we were known as "Generation X". And getting a job, paying taxes, car insurance, mortgages, raising a family? Those are things that grown-ups do, and definately topics that will NEVER apply to us.

The highlight of our academic career was finally raising the money to take that Senior Class Trip to Disney World. We felt that we so richly deserved it as the pay-off for 12 years of service to the School District. I loved the experience so much that I vowed to myself as we were leaving for the airport, that Disney World had not seen the last of me. "I will return", I said to myself, "And soon!"

Fast-forward two decades. I still haven't done it. They say you should try everything in life once, and the fun things twice. In twenty years how is it that I never found the time to give this fun thing a second try? It was always on my "To Do" list, but now I am at the age where I really feel it when I am on my feet all day. I can't keep putting this off much longer.

I'd better stop. I'm beginning to make myself feel old.

My Dad told me that when he was a young man, he had dreams and aspirations to do great things with his life. But now he has only two goals - "a good night's sleep, and a good shit in the morning." Lately, I am starting to understand that statement, but I haven't embraced the philosophy wholeheartedly just yet. So last year I went to Las Vegas for the second time. Yes, my finances are a Royal Mess since then, but the experience was worth it. As soon as my Credit Card balance gets back down to a believable number, I plan to go back to Florida.

But that's not the only thing I still have on my "To Do" list. And there is still time to do them, too. Yes, retirement planning does seem more relavent than it used to, but so is losing the extra weight I seem to have acquired over the last 20 years, finding a job I enjoy, finding a better rate on my car insurance, getting a mortgage, raising a family. You know, those things that grown-ups do, because I WANT those topics to apply to me.

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