The Class of 1985 20-Year Reunion

Well, my 20-year High School Class Reunion has come and gone. It was a great night. I saw some familiar faces and met a few new ones. These reunions keep getting better all the time. Some people have changed and others have stayed almost exactly the same. (Even if you weren't in our class, parts of this should still sound familiar.)

I used to think that Lois Lane must have had brain damage because she couldn't recognize Clark Kent (her journalistic partner at The Daily Planet, the guy she works with, the guy the sees every day) without his glasses. Then I went to this reunion. No names here, but I remember this one cute girl with long brown hair that framed her face like a lion's mane, hanging down past her shoulders in gentle curls. At the reunion, there was a hot woman with blonde frosted hair that hung in straight sculpted locks barely past her ears. The eyes, nose and mouth looked familiar. The voice sounded familiar. I knew that I knew her, but, for the life of me, I could not match this woman to a solid memory. Then she told me her name, and the image of the brown-haired girl I went to school with came instantly back to my mind. Now I recognized her. We were in the same homeroom, for crying out loud. She seemed disappointed that I did not know her right away. I could tell that she was a little hurt by it. I felt badly about that, but I think I am beginning to understand Lois Lane a little bit.

There are people that I knew in school, but never talked to. Oh, sure, we were friendly. Perhaps we had several classes together, hung around in the same circles, but for one reason or another, we never actually had a conversation while we were in school. (Especially people who were always on the opposite side of the room from me because we were seated alphabetically.) At the reunion, I found myself in good conversations with many such individuals - most of them women. (I guess the women were more outgoing about this than most of the men.) It wasn't that we were re-connecting as much as finally connecting for the first time. I have their e-mail addresses and was asked to stay in touch with them, and I will. Oh, sure, they are someon else's wives by now, but it is still good to establish a connection with them.

And then there are the people I knew well, but drifted apart from over the years. I got to reconnect with a petite and energetic someone I used to work with at Pizza Hut. She had almost completely forgotten about that until I reminded her. I used to keep in touch with a lovely Italian girl who lived in the same apartment building as my grandmother, until our email addresses changed and we lost contact. I was able to reconnect with her, as well. And the stunning blonde who was in the Gifted Program with me in Elementary School was there too. We will be talking again soon. (You read that right. "Blonde and Beautiful" and "Smart" are not mutually exclusive terms!)

Talking with former classmates is like recapturing a little piece of my teen years, even if just for a few minutes. These are people I understand because we had many shared experiences. We had many of the same teachers. We watched the same things on television and remember the same commercials. ("Alex! You'd better be drinking your water!") We listened to the same music (mostly). We watched the same movies. If those movies came out today, and we saw them for the first time as adults, they would not engender the same kinds of feelings in us as they did when we were 17. Now when we watch those precious old movies, they bring back memories of emotions that, as jaded adults, we sometimes forget we once felt. Being able to talk with someone you share so much history with is a wonderful thing. That's why I haven't missed a Class Reunion yet.

I would like to send out a great big Thank You to our Class President and the people she got to help her put together the mailing lists, invitations, reservations and generally pulled together to make this Reunion as special as it was. I am already looking forward to the next one. But for now, take a few years off. You deserve it.

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