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My Dribblings

Sometimes an idea pops into my head for no apparent reason. That idea just nags at me until I tell someone else about it. Now I have my own website. That makes you the lucky someone I will vent on. Sorry. This is where I intend to put essays that come to me off the top of my head.

  • In the beginning...
    This is the first page I put up when I created this web domain. It was the lone page for less than a weekend before the current Home page was added (sans graphics). It is presented in it's original condition.

  • My upcoming 20-year Class Reunion
    A lament about time that has passed too quickly.

  • My just-passed 20-year Class Reunion
    Written as a follow-up to the previous rant.

  • Maze Theory
    I wrote this quite some time before this website existed. I recently stumbled across it and thought you might enjoy it.

  • Mass Shootings in America
    I am fed up with Americans being killed by their fellow Americans for no discernible reason. You know what makes it possible for mass shootings to occur? Guns. Without a gun, it is damn difficult to shoot an entire crowd, even if the perpetrator is in the mood to murder people. Here are a few of my thoughts on the subject. (Warning: This is a long one.)

15 January 2018